.325 .063 Ripping chain

Specially for chainsaw sawmills designed ripping chain that makes the sawing more safe, enjoyable and productive.

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Granberg ripping chain is specially designed for cutting wood in direction of the wood grain. When the chain cuts less wood it produces much smoother surface and is more gentle for your saw. We recommend to use ripping chain always when milling.

Ripping chain has two kind of teeth. Scoring cutters and clearing cutters. Scoring cutters cut the sides of the groove and clearing cutters clear the center. This way the amount of wood that one tooth cuts is much less than in self filed ripping chain for example.

Product quantity here refers to the drive link count. So the price above is per drive link. In other words you need to select as many items to your shopping cart than you wish to have drive links. Drive links are those, not so sharp teeth, that run inside your guide bar. We will then cut and re link the chain loop for you from big chain roll. When you want more than one loop, just add the total amount to the shopping cart and proceed with checkout. After checkout it is advice able to drop us an email with detailed loop lengths so that we know what size of chain loop you need.

If you don't know the amount of drive links you can always count those. Just make a little mark on one drive link, count from there and when you reach it again you know you came full round. If you are unsure you can also always contact us by email or by phone. We are happy to find out what it the right chain for you. In that case it is handy to have your saw, or at least your guide there somewhere close. Usually we can find out the correct chain from the guide bar make and model.

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