Extra wide double extension ladder WUS Y2-4,2 SF

A ladder of flexible design that can grow in line with your needs.

Yli 300 € tilauksiin toimitus Suomeen ilmaiseksi.
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341,81 € 275,65 €
Ladders shorter than 8 m can be used both as extending and as standing ladders. Remember to brace or anchor the ladder properly before you start climbing up it. The strong sigma shaped side profiles provide stability without making the ladder heavy. Each ladder section can be used on its own, so you get two ladders in one. The strong joints securing the rungs run right through the section. The rungs provide optimum bi-directional anti-slip protection. A Type 2 Stabiliser Bar is included with all models. This means that you can use ladders less than 8 metres long as combination ladders as well. Additional information: *Must be braced or anchored in accordance with Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations. **Can be used as a combination ladder.
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