Foldable working platform TMR YF-1,5

A stable folding platform that can be easily folded up and opened out.

Yli 300 € tilauksiin toimitus Suomeen ilmaiseksi.
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1 134,58 € 914,98 €
Just right for those of you who carry out occasional installation or painting work, or who work in a warehouse area. Available in three sizes with different working heights. The frame is made from aluminium, making the platform safe as well as light in weight. The 500x550 mm platform has anti-slip protection and is equipped with rails to ensure you have a safe standing area. The rails are made from steel that has been electro-galvanised to prevent corrosion. The grooved non-slip treads measure 500x80 mm and are made from aluminium. So that you can easily move the platform in both the folded and open position, there are wheels fitted to the rear section.
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